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Creating drama and mood with professional photographic lighting.

Recently while shooting the newly remodeled auditorium at Vicar's Landing premier senior living community in Ponte Vedra, I created the following image for an advertising campaign.

Beautiful right? Many might think that you can create such an image by setting your "fancy" camera to auto and putting it on a tripod... perhaps turning off the overhead lights and turning on the stage lights. WRONG.

I love creating drama with lighting!  I enjoy the challenges of balancing color temperatures and using my photographic techniques to solve problems and fully control the outcome of an image. In the example, I was shown a mock-up ad layout and asked if I could achieve the feel the client wanted.  My answer was absolutely, and I got to work. None of the staff knew how to use the new stage lighting and control room, so I just started pulling my lights out to create the look we wanted.  In the final image, I used two lights on stage with blue gels, a light inside the piano, and an overhead boom with 30-degree grid spot. Additionally, I used two side lights to skim the audience and create rim lighting, and a series of flags to block light from areas and darken parts of the scene to emphasize mood. 

So for all the folks out there that don't see the value in hiring a professional photographer with experience lighting complex, mixed lighting situations, take a look at the before picture. GROSS! 

The before image is the same camera mounted on a tripod and set to auto. The tungsten lights make everything orange, and the image looks a bit blurry because the long exposure picks up movement.

Needless to say, the client and the art director are thrilled with the results of my lighting techniques!  I take great pride in my use of complex lighting, so this was a fun project! The example here is what the image looks like directly out of my camera, no photoshop here.

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