Commercial Photography For Small Businesses

A common misconception about commercial photography is that its reserved for big international corporations and shot in a New York Studio with massive crews. And while we do a lot of work with a lot of household names like CSX, Flagler College, and Mercedes, our expertise has regularly helped impact smaller businesses.  

Two longtime friends of mine were building their wedding coordinating business, Coastal Celebrations, and decided to expand their services into the wild world of wedding rentals. As with any start-up business, they had to prioritize—and for them the website was important, but the photography—not so much. (Let’s face it, today everyone has an iPhone in their pocket and for most intents and purposes, those cameras can take a photograph that is…good enough.)  

As they acquired their rental items, they would snap a picture of them, and this went well for about a year. Then, one day after a large shipment the client contacted me looking for a black backdrop to borrow.  After asking her a few questions I quickly realized a black background was not going do what they needed it to do, so I convinced them to hire us for the day to help raise the bar on their rental presentation.

Commercial Photo Shoot Objectives

  • Show the rental pieces clearly
  • Put them on a background that is consistent with their current brand
  • Present the pieces with consistency
  • Optimize images for better SEO performance
  • Save soft costs by allowing the client to go back to work instead of figuring out camera problems.

If we did our job right, then our clients pieces are better presented, and they can rent more of their items at a rate more reflective of the item’s value. So was this effective for the client?  We asked Lindsay to tell us about her experience,

“Working with Monarch helped us feature our products professionally, save time, and ultimately make more money. ” said Lindsay Ohlin - Owner/Partner Saint Augustine Event Rental Company Coastal Celebrations

Here are a few images that show the end product.

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