Corporate Headshot Photography for Jacksonville Law Firm

Jacksonville Law Firm Corporate Headshots Photographer

Commercial Photography Law Group Jacksonville, FL

At Monarch Studio, we do a good deal of headshots for corporations and businesses that know how important it is to have a unified look to the staff photos. Boyd & Jenerette is a large law firm with several attorneys and associates and since they were in the process of having their website revamped they decided to update everyone's headshot. 

We started the process by collaborating with the web designers for a style in the photos that would tie into the final web design.  The decision was made to create clean, bright images with a transparent background that seemingly float onto the gray of the web design. 

With a large staff, it made the most sense for us to bring the studio to the firm so to speak, so we packed up lighting, backdrops, and gear in a handy rolling kit.  We typically setup this portable photography studio in a conference room or any room with a 10ftx15ft or larger footprint for proper lighting setup. (see behind the scenes photo)

We spent a couple of days at the firm, and staff could easily cycle in and out of the boardroom for their 10 to 15-minute session and get back to work. The process went very smooth, with little disruption to office productivity. As you can imagine with a busy law firm, some of the attorneys were unable to make the two days we did photography on location, so they came to our St. Augustine studio for their matching photo. In the weeks following the two days on site, we took care of the absent attorney's individual headshots at times that would fit their hectic schedules. 

The end product is a clean and professional presentation of the firm's staff that works with the new web design and presents everyone in their best light. The partners at Boyd & Jenerette know that having well done corporate headshots with a unified look is an important and cost-effective part of any companies brand. They are now proud of their website and their improved "brand photos".