Corporate Headshot Photography in Studio and on Location

In business, the first impression can set the tone of your relationships, and you want to make a great impression. Unfortunately, in today's world, many impressions are made before we ever meet in person. Fortunately, we can guide those impressions by having great bios and memorable, professional photographs. At Monarch Studio we help companies ranging from garage start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations with headshots and staff photos that will put your company's best foot forward!

Let's take a few minutes to talk about the options before you when hiring the experienced photographers at Monarch Studio. If you are an individual or have a small group, it probably makes sense to come to our photography studio in downtown St. Augustine. For larger groups, we can come to our office and set up in a conference room or the like. If we are bringing lights, backdrops, and posing aids to your office, we need about 10ft by 15ft space and about 45minutes to setup, if you come to us, we will be ready for you at your appointment time (and brew up some coffee for you). 

Often when we work on staff headshots for large companies, we are trying to balance between letting each individual feel comfortable in the photo (and be able to express themselves) while trying to assure professional continuity. To achieve this, we can help you decide on a theme for your photographs prior to the shoot and then on the shoot day we will help your staff feel most comfortable within that theme's parameters. 


We get lots of questions before headshot sessions, so I decided to compile a DOs and DO NOTs list:  
DOs for Your Headshot

-Be relaxed and confident. Don't try to be someone you are not, remember you are showcasing the person you are right now.
-Wear clothes that are professional, but also that you are comfortable wearing.
-Choose timeless clothing for professional photos. No one should ever be able to tell in what decade you took your photo.
-Men should pick a comfortable but tailored suit.
-Women have many options, including blouse/blazer layers, sweaters, and cardigans.
-Both genders should stay away from extreme colors and patterns such as bold white or any outer layer with a pattern resembling a grid. Both of these choices create weird effects on camera that the photographer.
-Look your current age. If you are young and confident, you can sell your energy. If you are older and confident, you can sell your wisdom. Someone who is trying to hide who they are will not be able to sell anything
-Ladies, do not try to cover up every wrinkle. We will do retouching to the images that will maintain a natural look and feel. We don't want to look fake or plastic! 
DO NOTs for Your Headshot

-Your professional headshot should not look like your high school yearbook photo. Any of the cliches that worked here will only work against you in the professional world, where you are expected to have grown into your own personality. If you find yourself with a photographer who wants you to do the head-over-shoulder pose, crop the picture perfectly at your chest line, or open your eyes and smile in a superficial way, run, don’t walk, the other way.
-You should not try too hard to look “powerful.” For women, an overbearing attempt to convey a certain personality can often lead to unfortunate style choices such as shoulder pads or power suits. For men, these mistakes are usually found in uncomfortable looking facial expressions.  I always say appearing warm, approachable and confident exudes power, so focus on being comfortable with your personality rather than pushing too hard to be someone you think the business world wants to see.  Your confidence will speak for you!
-Rely on retouching to fix something that we can just fix in the real world, take a minute and brush the hair or let's dust off the lint on that old jacket, rather than relying on Photoshop. Most of the work in photography is done in pre-production and on the actual shoot. If you feel uncomfortable about a shoot, do not look to “fix it in post.” There is nothing wrong with the judicious use of Photoshop to accentuate your best features or provide contrast with the background, etc. However, a bad photo will always be a bad photo, so let's do what we can to assure. 
-Stay away from too many accessories. No hoop earrings, overly shiny necklaces, or bezel watches. They distract from the main focus (you) and make you appear to be compensating for something.

The Photographs in this post are taken both in our St. Augustine Photography Studio and on location around North Florida.  If you are looking to upgrade your corporate headshot call the studio for a consultation today! All Images Copyright ©Monarch Studio