Creating A Professional Kickstarter Video Photo Campaign

Kickstarter Video and Photography Production

Crowdfunding is one of the largest movements in small company product development and innovative ways to receive investment backing.  Millions of people have great ideas everyday, what differentiates most of these ideas from each other is the entrepreneurs ability to execute and bring such idea to life.  In todays hyper connected world and niche markets, you no longer needs to appeal to the masses, this most likely will actually hurt your product, brand, or idea.  What you need to do is focus your message on those loyal tribe members who will pay to support a unique product and become the early adapters.  This is why has been so successful at jump starting thousands of new companies.  No longer do you need to jump through hoops to convince traditional investors (who are not the tribe) to give money to a product or message they simply do not and probably won't ever understand anyway.

Monarch Studio recently created a professional Kickstarter campaign for The IceMule Cooler, the world's most portable high-performance soft cooler.  This campaign included two of the most important aspects of a Kickstarter campaign, professional video story telling of the new product and brand, and photography to be used on web and marketing materials.  The average Kickstarter user looking to invest in your company, is most likely a very visual and tech savvy user.  These users and ultimately investors want to see a high professional and creative standard.

Below you'll see the Kickstarter video and images used by The IceMule Cooler.  Not only was the crowdfunding campaign a huge success, raising over $28,000 for full production, but the company was able to move forward and use much of the same production content on their current website and advertising materials.

Creating A Professional Kickstarter Campaign - Jacksonville Florida

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