Food Product Photographer - Nutella International Branded Food

Nutella - Food Product and Promotional Photography

Recently the Ferrero Group decided to work on some pieces for marketing their beloved product directly to bakeries, grocers and the food service industry; who would use the product in recipes to go on their shelves.

We were lucky enough to work with them on this exciting project and have a little Nutella too!

The Jacksonville Lucky's Market was nice enough to let us set up shop in the store for some of the images prepping food as well as cross branding displays we setup in store.

As a foodie and lover of all things food, I love photographing food and working with food styling, food production, and recipes.  Nothing is as sweet as working with well-known tasty brands. 

Jacksonville Florida Food Product Photography and Styling

Working in Lucky's Market very early in the morning... here are a few behind the scenes images:

The final piece that Nutella is using to market the product has a combination of food recipe images, food product photography as well as display and packaging photographs: