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Jacksonville Commercial Photographer - St. Augustine Energy Manufacturer

Monarch Studio recently worked with 2G Cenergy a global manufacturing company specializing in developing and building advance clean energy technologies.  Based in Germany, they needed professional photography of both their equipment, building process, and employees working at their Saint Augustine, Florida location.  

Besides marketing materials, the main use of the photos would be for the web.  Knowing this, we are able to focus on creating images which will work well for specific locations they have in mind for their website design.  Setting up and recommending shot locations in the factory which will lend themselves to not only telling the companies story and featuring their equipment, but mostly long horizontals for banners and backgrounds.  

Knowing how best to shoot, light, and schedule a full day on a commercial location, allows us to efficiently use both our time and the clients to produce a wide range of images, which can be used to market their products and services.

Industrial Manufacturing Commercial Photography

Below are a few of the images delivered, including those featuring massive portable energy units and some of the processes the units go through while being built.  It was amazing to see how the combined talents of dozens of skilled specialists come together to create such a technological and efficient unit.  

Commercial Photography - Jacksonville, FL

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