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How do you rise above the vast sea of competitor's websites and establish your brand as a robust online presence? By using creative and professional photography of course! The choices you make regarding the images you put out there will contribute to defining your brand and will have a considerable impact on the success of your business. Relevant, quality online content will attract new leads, and ultimately boost profits. In today’s marketplace, one of the best tools to use in the creation of a powerful online presence is the professional headshot. These images are the framework that greet your customers, promote professional continuity and begin building a relationship. Last week we worked with a team in Jacksonville Florida to create consistent headshots of their whole team. Check out some examples here.

Rarely will the first meeting you have with a customer be face-to-face. The likelihood is that the customer has found you through an online search long before you will meet in person. So how do you make a lasting and positive first impression online? You begin by putting your best face forward when you present a quality, uniform headshot.

Both the caliber and choice of your headshot express a lot about your business. You may even want to consider hiring a stylist for your photo shoot. If you don’t put much effort into how that first impression comes across, customers will think your company must not really care all that much. On the contrary, going the extra step to ensure that you present the best quality headshot possible will speak volumes about your company’s character and business practice.

It’s important to consider not only how your image looks, but how it makes people feel. Do your company headshots feel welcoming? Warm? Trustworthy? Friendly? Remember to smile! Even though business can be quite serious in nature, customers still want to do business with friendly people they connect with and trust. Set the tone with these online first impressions, just as you would in a face-to- face meeting.

Promote Professional Continuity and Contribute to Consistency

From your logo and messaging, to your headshots and bios, building a great brand image requires a lot of long-term thought and strategy, with special commitment to consistency. A brand voice that is consistent in its communication lends itself to authenticity and builds connection. Customers who view your brand as genuine are more likely to purchase your company’s products and utilize your company’s services. It is most likely that you will first introduce your team to potential customers through your company’s website. Whether it’s a department team, bio page, or a company-wide set of shots, consistency is as important to your team’s headshots, as it is to your overall brand.

Company headshots are not the place to skimp when it comes to spending, however, at Monarch Studio we can offer a few ways to help. One such way to save is to have us set up all of our professional equipment in a conference room in your office so your staff can get their professional headshot and then get back to work! If you are in the St. Augustine or Jacksonville area, it may make sense to schedule a session for the whole staff or just an individual to get their headshot done here in our award-winning St. Augustine photography studio.

Regarding headshots, in particular, a uniform look is best in order to promote professional continuity. Once you have virtually introduced your team to the world through online uniform company headshots, you have set the stage to enhance future recognition effectively. These are the faces that interact with customers, and recognition really is essential. When it comes time for the first face-to-face meeting, you’ll have a leg up. Your customer will feel that they can relate to you because you’ve already “met” online. They know you. You’re an old friend. Recognition leads to relatability, which in turn will encourage interaction and build trust.

To this end, keep your company headshots current. After all, you want your customer actually to recognize you when you do finally meet in person. It’s essential to update these shots from time to time and keep them from seeming dated. Your appearance will change over time, and that’s normal. But it would be bizarre to meet in person and discover that you had suddenly aged 10 years overnight! How authentic is that? You really do want to look like yourself.

Building a strong and relatable online presence makes sound business sense, and should be an integral part of your company’s marketing plan. Setting a positive tone through online first impressions will engender warmth, trust and build connection. Put your best face forward by investing in distinctive, uniform company headshots. Call Monarch Studio today so we can help you create consistent, professional company headshots that will add value to brand recognition and contribute to company success.

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