Presidential Portraits - Florida Institutional Photographer 


At Monarch, we are proud to be a Flagler College alumni owned business, and as commercial photographers serving institutions nationwide, we are very proud to be the photography providers for our Alma Mater 

Recently Flagler College has gone through a few changes as former President Abare retired and the new president takes the reigns.  The college hired me to do presidential portraits of Doctor Joyner at Markland House on the campus of the college.  We had a short period of time with the gracias but busy new president so I had all my shots pre-planned and lit.  The session went great, and I look forward to seeing the images used in college materials soon! Here is a handful of the photos from the location portrait session with Doctor Joyner. In addition to environmental portraits we pulled in some students and staff to stage some photos that the college could use for marketing and public relations collateral. 

Photographer: Scott S. Smith | Monarch Studio

Location (Client): Flagler College