Press Release Photographer - St. Augustine Photography

St. Augustine Lighthouse Climbing Record - Photography for Press Release. 

On his 70th birthday May 19th, St. Augustine Attorney Peter Robertson will completely shatter the current record of St. Augustine Lighthouse climbs in one day.  The single day record is 28 times up and down and is held by an employee of the Lighthouse.  Robertson’s goal is to complete at least 40 climbs!   As a former Captain in the Marine Corps, Robertson is no stranger to working hard. He has been training for the past nine months and has currently already completed a one day total of 36 climbs.

Every ascent of the tower will raise funds for the charity Hope for Haiti Foundation by asking the community to donate a dollar per climb of the 219 steps of the iconic lighthouse. Hope for Haiti Foundation is an orphanage in Haiti and all donations will directly benefit children in need.    Robertson’s website ( will be updated on May 20th to show how many times he climbed the lighthouse.

Peter needed some images to accompany a press release on his story, so he hired me to come do editorial portraits.  He then convinced me to summit the Lighthouse 11 times with him setting a pace and sharing some breathing secrets along the way.   

I am often hired by organizations, businesses and individuals to create visual content to accompany their stories and help them get their message published and heard.  This was a particularly fun press release photo-shoot because Peter is a true inspiration: he will climb 8,760steps in roughly 6 hours. I can only hope that I can be in such great shape when I turn 70.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Stats:

  • 219 steps. 165ft tall (14 stories) 
  • Location - Anastasia IslandFlorida
  • Year first lit - first tower, ca. 1737; second tower, 1874
  • Automated - 1955
  • Foundation - first tower, coquina; second tower, brick on coquina
  • Construction - first tower, coquina; second tower, brick
  • Tower shape - first tower, square tower; second tower, conical tower
  • Height - first tower, 52 feet (16 m); second tower, 165 feet (50 m) [1]
  • Original lens - 1824: Winslow Lewis lamps with replectors; 1855: fourth order Fresnel lens; 1874: first order Fresnel lens
  • Range - 1874: fixed lamp, 17 nautical miles; 31 kilometres (19 mi) flashing lamp, 21 nautical miles; 39 kilometres (24 mi)
  • Characteristic - prior to 1936, 3 minute fixed flash; in 1936 changed to 30-second flash