Summer Beach Resort Commercial Photography Project

Commercial Resort Photography Project Overview

Project: Create a series of resort lifestyle images to showcase numerous amenities available at this luxury resort on beautiful Amelia Island. Photography of professional models depicting the resort lifestyle over the course of two days on location. 

It is always a pleasure to work with the creative staff of the award-winning advertising firm: The Dalton Agency, and the client Summer Beach Resort.

The first step of a photo project like this was to meet with the clients and scout the resort.  We listened to the client's goals and made a list of images that would help achieve their message. Then we had a pre-production meeting where we selected models for each shot and made up a schedule for the two-day shoot.  When making up the schedule, it is important to consider flow and efficiency and most importantly good lighting.  Next was to consider styling for each shot including props and clothing and make a list of who is bringing what.  For instance, I brought my surfboards and beach cruisers and a staff member provided beach towels and tennis racquets.  

On the shoot days, we had the models scheduled at staggered times, they would arrive and work for a few hours on set.  My Assistant for the shoot Cody and I would set up supplemental lighting including strobes, reflectors and scrims to make sure each image was lit well while looking natural.  Creating perfect natural looking light in a diverse range of scenes and locations (in a tight timeframe) is an important part of commercial lifestyle photography. It is crucial to get the shot in an efficient manner as the clients are paying for models, stylists, and art directors.  Working with professional models and using professional lighting helps convey a realistic message. 

There are many factors that make a commercial photo-shoot a success and they all came together in this one.  The client is thrilled because they now have a nice collection of lifestyle images that convey their message and strengthen their brand. 

Summer Beach Resort Photography - Amelia Island Florida

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