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The image you display of yourself online is just as important as the one you put forward in front of everyone everyday, maybe more important.  With access to online media at an instant, it is very easy for people to quickly search your business, service, or just your personal information.  Not only do your photos give a first and lasting impression, but they can return to them over and over again to critique and nitpick whether they choose to do business with you or not.  Yes, this may sound harsh, but unlike a meeting in person, where you are also in constant movement, people do not have to follow the polite social cue of not staring.  Whether you are looking to update your large corporations website with head shots, or give your linkedin profile picture a new look for job seeking or head hunters to see, think of us here at Monarch.  Creating and crafting the right picture for you can make all the difference of who comes out on top these days.  Whatever you want to say, we'll help you tell that story through imagery.


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Looking to have your portrait taken by one of our professional photographers here at Monarch Studio, in downtown St. Augustine Florida?  Contact us today to see how we can make sure you're putting your best foot forward, when it comes to your online image.