Crawford County Commercial Photographer - Meadville Medical Center

Florida Medical Photographer - Hospital Marketing

The core of the medical profession is doctors helping patients, but there is so much more to the business of running a hospital. Meadville Medical Center had been relying solely on stock photography for marketing and its website, and while stock photography can be a great way to inexpensively make your print and web pieces more attractive, if you rely too heavily on stock imagery you run the risk of diluting your brand by sharing work with other similar establishments. From the volunteers in the cafe, to the handymen that make sure a hospital is running its smoothest, Zach and David were asked to go to Crawford County Pennsylvania this past fall to expand the photographic catalog of the Meadville Medical Center. Not only did the Monarch team focus on the staff and administration of the hospital, but also its reach into the community to highlight partnerships the hospital has throughout Meadville. You will see the portraits we captured highlight the fact that the Meadville Medical center is the people of Crawford County.

How to find a Medical Photographer?

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