Editorial Sports Photographer St Augustine - Flagler Athletics

Flagler College baseball has had a banner year.  Their current 14-2 record earns them the rank of 16th nationally in NCAA Division II. And just recently, the Saints swept the #3 team in the country, Lander, for a fired-up home crowd here in St. Augustine.

The Flagler College boosters want to let St. Augustine sports fans know where to catch the best game in town, and that's cheering for the Saints at Drysdale Field. What a better way to make a statement than these beautiful billboards designed by the good folks at Hybrid Design?

Hybrid was able to think outside the constraints of standard billboard dimensions, and asked us to present custom photography that would make an impact. The end result are two beautiful, larger-than-life billboards that we are sure will take people out to the ballgame.

In a small town like St. Augustine, we are fortunate to have such exciting, nationally-recognized college athletics to cheer for. Nothing is better than a night out at the ballgame with our family-Go Saints!

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