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Need a portrait of your favorite Veteran?  St. Augustine's portrait studio Monarch recently did a portrait series of local St. John’s County Veterans for local magazine, Saint Augustine - Social. Social approached us, by asking us to present the veterans in in a dignified manner, that presented them as the heroes they truly are.

Veteran Editorial Portraits

The group consisted of a wide swath of St augustine color, including a photographer, a tattoo artist, a father and son team, and many more, but  my favorite, was Sgt. Jack Suess, who joined when he was 15 years old and served The United States for 30 years.  If you wold like to read more click the article in Social about, Saint Augustine Veterans

Pictured above, Zach Thomas (photographer), Jack Suess, Sarah McCartan

Pictured above, Zach Thomas (photographer), Jack Suess, Sarah McCartan

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Monarch Studio works with many magazines, on their editorial projects. We are located in downtown St. Augustine. To set up a project consultation, call or email today. 

Click here for a photo of your St Augustine Veteran.